Photo booth hire Swindon

Organize your grandpa some great party!

Photo Booth Hire UK is a professional photo booth hire company based in Devizes but we cover Swindon.

Hire a photo booth for your wedding and enjoy unlimited prints, guestbook, a large selection of props and a Free 2 cd’s of all your guests pictures. With our photo booth hire packages we are sure you will find the perfect hire for your wedding. Two booth attendants, props, customisable HD prints and messages are also included as standard.

Our standard photo booth 3 hour package is just £300. This includes unlimited prints, guest book, 2 cd’s , props and much more.

Our booths can also print photos in black&white and sephia.

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If you have your beloved grandparent round birthday coming soon think about something extra! How about organizing your grandpa his seventieth birthday at the beach? Not and ordinary party in some fancy restaurant in Swindon, but the memorable one. With piñata and a photo booth! Hire some clown to it, break the rules! Let’s imagine that!

Where to begin?

First of all you need to have a bit of a beach to organize a beach party, that is a must. Finding it shouldn’t be hard though. After that you need some guests. There would probably be many retiree among the guest list, therefore it is crucial to contact the guests’ families to help them come to the party. Do no tell them about the clown and the photo booth. Hire a lawyer if you must, but keep it secret! You also need a cake with seventy candles in it, that is for sure.

The guests will need to sit on something, especially if they are not so young. Plastic chairs will do. It can of course be rainy that day, so you need to think about it earlier and prepare some temporary roof, like a huge tent for example. You can find some in Swindon for sure.

Last but not least

Having basic preparations done let us come to the details, which in this case are crucial. The tent helps also the entertainers like piñata or Mr Clown to make the show go on without any interferences. Especially the machine minds the water. Photo booth hire demands dryness, that is the only condition, except for the electricity of course. We should have a plan at what time do we begin with the piñata, when should we call for the clown or when would be the best to serve the birthday cake.

Art photo booth however can stand for the whole party and can be used by everyone whenever they wish to. And it is to be used, oh yes. Just watch them come one after another and laugh loudly when they wear some periwig or funny sun glasses or both in the same time! Whatever you choose. A surprise party for your grandpa and a photo booth to embed the memories of funny looking friends and family, that is some party to remember!